Why MyAgricSpace?

We promote market-oriented agriculture via agribusiness agents.

We solve market access challenges for farmers.

We facilitate online purchases for local and global buyers.

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Benefits And Features

Buyers can trace their products. Farmers and agribusiness agencies can earn profit. Agribusiness agencies create thousands of jobs.

Agribusiness Agencies

Agribusiness agencies  sell products on the marketplace and provide their exact location traceable on Google Maps.

Agribusiness Agents

Agribusiness agents sell on behalf of farmer cooperatives and Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG) wholesalers on the marketplace.


Recipients in a local country can initiate purchase on the marketplace. Items can be paid locally or abroad by a family member or friend who is registered on the marketplace.

Service Providers

We link farmers to the following stakeholders!

Financial institutions

to purchase inputs or finance off-taker agreements

Logistic partners

for warehousing and cold storage, local and international transport via ship or plane (perishables).

Agro-input dealers

to use their warehouses as fullfillment centers.

Crop insurance providers

to mitigate price and production risks of agricultural commodities against volatility, drought, fire, flood, contamination, and theft.

Input Suppliers

for crop and soil specific input (seeds and fertilizer), water management, and mechanized equipment.

Valued Partners

Become a valued partner to leverage the food demand value chain.

Value Chain Solutions

Smallholder farmers who are members of cooperatives are excited about their demand-driven agriculture practice because they can access the market either directly or preferably via agribusiness agents. For full value chain integration, they require linkages to the following service providers to grow the agricultural goods we purchase locally or export.