About Us

Pioneer in off-farm marketing

About MyAgricSpace

Launched in 2018, MyAgricSpace is the best online marketplace where you can buy and sell agricultural and Fast-Moving Consumable Goods.  We link smallholder farmers to local and global buyers.

Problems we are solving

More than 450 million smallholder farmers are not integrated into the agribusiness supply chain. As a result, they are neither able to access market, capital, nor crop insurance. Those challenges often result in high post-harvest losses.

Our mission

To provide market access to smallholder farmers.

We accomplish our mission by integrating the smallholder farmers in the supply chain either directly or via agribusiness agencies. Consequently, the farmers will achieve profitability and reduce their post-harvest losses.

Unique approach

We created a food demand value chain. We link Diaspora buyers and commercial clients directly to farmer cooperatives and FMCG wholesalers or their agribusiness agents.

WHY help facilitate FMCG sales?

Food companies buy raw materials from agro-processors which are often produced by farmer cooperatives. By facilitating FMCG sales, we join the mandate of global food companies that pledged to source a high percentage of their commodities from smallholder farmers.

Our team

We are led by a professional team and advisors with experience in America, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and India. The team has expertise in agribusiness value chain, farmer cooperatives management, input supplies, logistics, strategic management, and software development.

Buy and sell your products here to change the agribusiness paradigm!