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Commercial buyers

We link you directly to food companies, FMCG wholesalers, farmer cooperatives or their agribusiness agents. You save time and money by using our marketplace to aggregate supply, manage your products inventory, and exceed your customers’ expectations.


We provide you direct online access to FMCG wholesalers, farmer cooperatives or their agents for all occasions. You save time and money associated with buying and shipping goods. From abroad, you can support the agriculture productivity in your country by buying local goods for the food security and nutrition of your loved ones.


Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Supermarkets, Schools, Hospitals, Food and beverage companies.


Local clients and Diaspora who buy especially FMCG and livestock online for their loved ones.

Click on the link below to start purchasing from smallholder farmers, FMCG wholesalers or their agents.

Are you a food company or agro-processor in search of agricultural commodities?