About MyAgricSpace

MyAgricSpace is an online marketplace that aims to bring innovation to the food industry. Here you can buy and sell fruit, vegetables, rice, tea, spices, and several other forms of food. Not only this, but we also give you access to fast-moving consumable goods, agribusiness agents, the latest agriculture equipment, and more.

What makes us unique?

MyAgricSpace sells high-quality food and related services at a significant discount. Besides, we have effective strategies in place to ensure every item gets sold to the right consumer. We are committed to making MyAgricSpace a difference-maker in the market and therefore strive to offer superior service – one that will make you entire day after you get in touch with us.


Ever entered an agricultural store and wanted to get an overview of the products in there? The alternate is MyAgricSpace where you can find a range of foodstuff and agriculture equipment on the Buyer page.
Here you can order your required product and have it delivered to your home with just a few clicks. Plus, you will find here a range of deals designed to help you get the best value for your money. So if you got a food list in your pocket and want to buy quality products, just place the order on MyAgricSpace and we’ll deliver it right at your doorstep.


If you are looking for an ideal platform to sell your fast-moving consumables like rice, oil, pasta, bread, etc. then MyAgricSpace is your go-to place. We’re an online marketplace that helps you sell your special items to a global audience. At our platform, sellers of farm commodities from around the world come to sell their stuff conveniently. So if you have foodstuff that you think people would love to buy, then list it on our Seller page to make quick bucks.


Are you a seller of agricultural equipment? If yes, then MyAgricSpace is a reliable and renowned place to buy and sell agriculture equipment. Whether you own farm equipment or sell industrial equipment, we can connect you with the right audience in a flash. We have been selling agricultural tools for over 3 years and offer a wide range of solutions for the manufacturers in our Equipment section. So become a registered member today and start selling.

Input Supplies

MyAgricSpace is a top platform for farmers to link up for buying and selling agricultural products such as seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals, etc. We are committed to taking the agriculture industry to a whole new level by providing quality products. Plus, we eliminate the need for a third party and build a direct link between farmers and vendors. So if you have agricultural products that you want to sell, feel free to list them in our Input Supplies section.

Professional Services

Are you selling or buying commercial farms, fertilizer blending plants, or agro-processing plant? Do you need help with project conceptualization or financial resources? If yes, then our professional services can solve all your problems. Please get in touch with us at your preferred hour and we’ll provide you expert advice right away.