Frequently Asked Questions


An agency is the seller which markets and sells agriculture commodities on the marketplace on behalf of smallholder farmers (suppliers).The agribusiness agency also has a staff of agents who are in charge of sales and marketing, logistics coordinator, procurement coordinator and a farmer relationship managers who support farmers. Those agents ensure product quality, availability, collection/delivery, and customers’ satisfaction.

  • Obtain a valid tax identification and business license in your country
  • Fill out an online application
  • Receive your approval within 48 hours
  • Begin marketing and selling your products
  • Access to global buyers
  • Social media campaign
  • Grassroots marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Solutions packages for smallholder farmers
  • Offline and online training
  • Co-branding and marketing
  • Sales of goods at a discount
  • Revenue from split commissions with other agencies in different geographical locations

Yes, because cooperatives that are well-structured will benefit their members by selling commodities on the marketplace.


Yes. In that case, the agencies would split their agreed-upon commission similarly to a real estate transaction.

Many wealthy professionals, entertainers, athletes, and regular blue- or white-collar workers who live in the Diaspora (African, Latin America, and the Caribbean) can impact the agribusiness sector in their country of origin via MyAgricSpace-trained agribusiness agencies.

The ideal period should be from 3-5 years due to a cyclical nature of agriculture. For more information, Kindly contact MyAgricSpace representatives at [email protected]

Yes. Fees are listed according to the plan selected by the agencies.

Yes. Since the agencies are officially registered in their countries, states, cities, they are all required to abide by the laws of their tax authorities.

Yes, depending on the collection options selected by the buyers at the time of purchase.

Yes, as long as the agency is able to  fulfill all the necessary requirements to provide adequate services to its buyers

Yes, in order to provide the best services to their buyers.

Yes, in order to guarantee product availability in case of natural disasters, political upheavals, and/or theft.


Independent Agents are mainly micro-small-medium companies from two (2) distinct groups: i) companies that are already involved with farmer representations offline e.g., Aggregators and Owners of Micro-to-Small cosmetic companies; and ii) wholesalers or retailers of Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG).

We welcome especially all cosmetic companies that source products such as shea butter and essential oils from smallholder farmers to sell directly on myagricspace.com as individual agents.


  • Register online
  • Provide contact information such as location, e-mail, phone number, address to receive items, and payment preference
  • Begin shopping from the search option or directly via categories
  • Rate the services of agribusiness agencies
  • Yes. In that case, the recipient will forward the orders to the buyer who will pay for the items. Recipients and “paying buyers” must be both registered on the marketplace.
  • Yes, buyers are encouraged to create and share their wish list of products in advance with agribusiness agencies.
  • No.
  • No.
  • No.
  • Yes. We highly recommend institutional buyers such as the United Nations Agencies, Philanthropic organizations, and governments to enhance local productivity on the marketplace

Yes. It is actually an excellent benefit for those organizations to support local productivity when they purchase agric commodities on the marketplace.

Yes. Agribusiness Agencies are OBLIGATED to fulfill their return policies to meet buyers’ expectations.

Yes. However, MyAgricSpace CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE for any issues that arise offline between the two parties.

Yes. However, MyAgricSpace CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE for any issues that arise offline between the two parties.


    • Input Suppliers (Fertiliser, Seeds, Agrochemicals, Equipment, Drone operators, etc)
    • Financial Institutions (Commercial Banks, Rural Banks, FinTech, Crowdfunding, etc)
    • Private Equity Funds with a focus on agribusiness financing and development
    • Logistics Providers
    • Packaging Companies
    • Crop Insurance Companies
    • Mobile Network Operators
    • Farm Management Companies
    • International Donors
    • Philanthropic Organizations

Yes, negotiable.

Services are determined by the agribusiness agencies and the smallholder farmers.

Yes. However, MyAgricSpace CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE for any issues that arise offline between the two parties.


MyAgricSpace does not provide refunds to agribusiness agencies. However, under some circumstances, buyers could receive refunds after due diligence with agribusiness agencies on disputed services.

Agribusiness Agencies who manage their client relationships are obligated to comply to their return policies. However, in case an Agribusiness Agency refuses to abide by their return policies, MyAgricSpace will investigate the buyers’ case. If the agency is the guilty party, MyAgricSpace will provide the agency up to 72 business hours to rectify the inconvenience. Thereafter, MyAgricSpace will delist the agencies from the marketplace for failure to comply with return policies.

MyAgricSpace does not ship items to buyers. That service is offered by the Agribusiness Agencies