About MyAgricSpace

MyAgricSpace is your destination for access to finance, input, and output markets.

Why MyAgricSpace?

  • You gain the services of a team with more than two decades of supply chain and agribusiness experience
  • You become part of a community, which is committed to solving problems for farmers and small to medium agribusiness enterprises
  • You have access to consistent leads and clients for your financial, input, and output products
  • You can maintain food security for your family and invest in agriculture while leaving abroad
  • You can contribute to your country‚Äôs agricultural productivity, economic growth, equality, and prosperity as a Diaspora member
  • You can sell or buy commercial farms, dairy plants, abattoirs, agro-processing plants
  • You can access experts to develop succession plan for your agribusiness enterprise
  • You can create thousands of jobs for youths and women in agribusiness agencies

How it works

Agribusiness Agencies

  • Agribusiness Agencies are registered companies who sell products either independently or on behalf of farmer cooperatives and fast-moving consumable goods (FMCG) wholesalers on the marketplace.
  • Agribusiness Agencies can specialize in as many categories as they wish.
  • Agribusiness Agencies help farmer cooperatives engage in market-oriented agriculture
  • Agribusiness Agencies have unlimited opportunity to generate robust revenue
  • Contact us for more information.

Access to Finance

  • Financial providers sign up on the marketplace to lend capital to qualified borrowers
  • Financial providers screen the deals in which they are interested
  • Financial providers conduct due diligence on borrowers
  • Financial providers reach final agreement and lend capital to borrowers
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At MyAgricSpace, we are committed to taking the agricultural industry to a whole new level, providing quality products from improved methods. To achieve this, we provide a section for farmers, researchers and vendors to sell their improved input supplies directly, with no need for third parties in the chain. If you have input supplies that you want to sell, register as vendor, and upload them today.


Financial Providers: You have plenty of cash, however you do not have access to any pipeline. Or you have a pipeline, but you end up providing management consulting to qualify the leads. Well, we are generating leads for you. On MyAgricSpace, you will find borrowers who have already shared their basic funding requirements.

Borrowers: You need capital to invest in your agribusiness campaign. You must buy input, equipment, raw materials for an agro-processing, seed or fertilizer blending plants. You have tried to no avail to raise capital from your local banks with high interest rates or DFI, which is taking too long. You must raise an LC to order supplies. Well, you now have an alternative channel at MyAgricSpace where you can find financial sources from all over the world. Simply register and share your financial requirements to our funding partners.

Sellers: You need to exit an agribusiness investment or sell physical assets such as a dairy plant, poultry farm, etc. Your children are not interested in agribusiness, you want to retire and need to find a suitable buyer or strategic partner. You are an absentee farmer who needs to sell your land. Well, you now have an alternative channel at MyAgricSpace where you can find investors and partners from all over the world. Simply register and share your projects with suitable sources.